An unknown place we’re all searching for

Some things are colourful
And some things pale.

Some humans are colourful
And some humans pale.

But, the question is not whether you’re neon pink or transparent
The question is what lies in the middle
Is there, between the two extremes, an area of fusion and confusion?
No, not grey, because that too is a colour.
Something we all know about but can’t express.
An area that’ll give space to our secret truths
That we ourselves are scared of confronting.
An area where we won’t be governed by the codes of ethics and morality, not scared of being judged for others will have secrets too
An area which truly is colourless
Not transparent.
Maybe invisible,
Maybe a small little place in our own minds
Where we don’t have to adhere to this or that, pursue this or that,
Where we’re happy just the way we are.

Does that place exist?

For you it may.
For me it doesn’t.

I’m searching. I’m hoping. I’m waiting.


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