I am human

I want to sleep and I don’t
I like the dead of the night and I don’t
I feel happy alone and I don’t

It’s just past midnight on Monday
I’m sleepy
Crept out by the eerie silence of the night
I miss him, I feel scared without him
I lie motionless, sometimes I weep

It’s just past midnight on Tuesday
I’m as far away from sleep as Donald Trump is from common sense
I’m as much in love with the mystical sounds a night makes as the world was with Audrey Hepburn
I like this time when no one dictates my life, or even things around me.
I shudder at who I was just a while back, completely lost in him.
Being alone is being free and who doesn’t wasn’t to be free.

I am not one person.
Each day, like your choice of clothing, I am different.
One day I’ll rise from the East, the next day from the West
Every night I die and every morning I take birth again

One day, I’m heaven and one day, hell
One day water and one day fire
Good and Evil.
Hurt and hurtful.
Bullied and Bully.
Elixir and Poison.
Life and Death.

I am what you are.
I am human
And I am also a monster.


*Featured Image Courtesy – http://wallpaperswide.com


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